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Gamification Design: Creating Fun and Engaging Experiences

Batch 9

22, 23, 29, 30 April -
6, 7, 13, 14 May 2023

(Sat and Sun 10:00-13:00)
Apply before 17 April 2023

15,000 THB // ≈ 490 USD

Batch 10

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15,000 THB // ≈ 490 USD

Course Overview

If two products have  similar offerings and features, what differentiate them? 

The experience.  

However, creating intuitive and user-friendly experiences is no longer enough. We live in a world where customers and employees expect delightful experiences and compelling journeys. 

Some companies (e.g Duolingo) own their success in thoughtfully adopting Gamification as a competitive strategy. And most successful companies (such as Shopee, Grab, Apple, Airbnb and many more) are learning from games to create delightful products and marketing campaigns… Why? 

Because game designers have mastered the “art of engagement”. Business and UX designers, marketing and product managers can reverse-engineer successful games and apply these techniques to create delightful experiences.

The 4-week hands-on training program will introduce the topic of Gamification Design and teach participants how to use some of the most effective tools to design engaging, fun and potentially addictive experiences for their audiences.

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • The foundations of game psychology and behavioural science to design engaging experiences;
  • How to Ideate and brainstorm ideas to initiate a Gamification design project;
  • How to move away from simple game techniques (such as Points, Badges and Leaderboards).
  • How to think strategically about Gamification to impact business metrics in the context of both digital and analog services and experiences.  

Core Instructors



TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert

Massimo is a university instructor at the Design, Business & Technology Management (DBTM) international program at Thammasat Design School (TDS) and Thammasat Business School (TBS).  

He is an expert in the new fields of behavioral science and gamification, and its application in the design field. Massimo was also Head of Asia-Pacific at the Octalysis Group – one of the world’s leading Gamification agencies.

In addition to help companies and organisations create engaging experiences, Massimo is a regular speaker at design, marketing and innovation conferences and seminars across Asia, including the Bangkok Design Week 2018 (Thailand Creative & Design Center), the Design Management Institute (DMI), StarFlow, the Change Festival (Times of India) for Marketers, and Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 (RISE). 

He was recently appointed as a Director of Thammasat Design Center (TDC) the new flagship program that aims to build a new world-class Design School for professionals in Thailand.

Guest Instructors



Phd Gamification Design, Senior Lecturer University of Auckland, Co-founder of Eat More Pixels

Zac is an established thought leader in the space of gamification, motivation and engagement design. He earned one of the world’s first PhDs in gamification design and now helps companies use gamification to make digital products, workplaces, and education more engaging.

Zac speaks at conferences and companies around the world. He’s provided gamification design and education services for businesses, governments and associates around Australia, including QSuper, QLD Government, SA Government and CUA.



Behavioural Science Lead at Grab

Preeti Kotamarthi is the Behavioural Science Lead at Grab, the leading ride-hailing and mobile payments app in South East Asia. She has set up the behavioural practice at the company, helping product and design teams understand customer behaviour and build better products. She completed her Masters in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics and her MBA in Marketing from FMS Delhi. With more than 6 years of experience in the consumer products space, she has worked in a range of functions, from strategy and marketing to consulting for startups, including co-founding a startup in the rural space in India. Her main interest lies in popularising behavioural design and making it a part of the product conceptualisation process.



Ex-Googler, Founder at Happily.ai



Gamification Consultant, Founder of Growth Game

Past Guest Instructors



Environmental Engineer and Designer, Author of How to Save The World

Katie is an environmental engineer and “Fitbit for the Planet” designer. She work on solving environmental issues using data, behavioral psychology and game design techniques that sharply tap into people’s motivational core.

Katie is the co-founder of environmental data/behavior startups, Energy Lollipop and Urban Canopy.

As an environmental engineer with 20 years of experience in environmental change: working as a green building engineer, founding a multi-million dollar environmental media company, living the Silicon Valley #hackerlife (yes, just like the TV show), and reading hundreds of academic papers on the psychology of how to get people to do pro-environmental things, I really believe I’ve cracked some important pieces of the code of social change.

This unique class is really useful and practical.

I’ve known Massimo since 2018 from his class in Gamification. It was my first hands-on experience on behavioural design. We met again in 2020 when NocNoc was looking for a way to up-skill our team. This unique class is really useful and practical. Massimo is the behavioural design expert who could guide and ignite the learner spirits in each of us.

Chonlak Mahasuvirachai

Co-Founder and CEO at NocNoc.com

Become a Certified Gamification Designer

Fully Certified Program by
Thammasat University


Gamification Design

TDC is offering 3 scholarships, covering 100% 

of the tuition fee (15,000 THB each)

>>> Application Deadline: August 28th 2022 <<<

Who should attend​

Tech Product Managers

who want to differentiate their products.

Marketing Managers

who want to change the way the value of their products and offerings is communicated.

UX/UI and Service Designers

who want to learn how to craft experiences that engage their audiences.

HR Managers

who want to learn how to engage their employees with gameful experiences.


who want to turn their passion for games into profitable career as a gamification consultant.

Why You’ll Love Learning Here​


Interactive & intimate classes with direct feedback from instructors


Solve real-world problems that are directly applicable to your work


Taught by real professionals in the field & university academics


Make life-long connections with like-minded professionals


All workshops are either on weekends evening or weekday in central Bangkok

What our Learners Think

Week 1

Saturday, 22nd April 2023

Sunday, 23rd April 2023​

Week 1​:

What Gamification is, and is not

Gamification is often misunderstood and equated to creating games into existing digital experiences, and often reduced to its simplistic game techniques, notable points, badges and leaderboards. This session will debunk such myths, and introduce the foundational knowledge in psychology to understand the power of gamification to move people.

    Learners will Discover: 

    • The myths about gamification; 
    • Gamification across fields: Marketing, UX/UI, HR, and Public Policy;
    • Motivational Psychology and Behavioral Science fundamentals; 

    Week 2

    Saturday, 29th April 2023

    Sunday, 30th April 2023

    Week 2:

    The Phases of the User Experience

    One of the key lessons from games is that experiences should evolve with their users. That’s how we can build products users will use in the long term.

    Learners will Discover: 

    • The 4 phases of the user experience
    • Building game loops for long-term engagement
    • How to analyse an existing experience from a motivational perspective;
    • How to keep learning by playing games.

    Week 3

    Saturday, 6th May 2023

    Sunday, 7th May 2023

    Week 3:

    Rewards & Game techniques

    Game techniques are proven and actionable ways to engage users. Examples include points, badges, and leaderboards. However, there are hundreds’ more to be discovered. Rewards are  a key component of games, and gamified experiences. However, there are many types of rewards, and the clever gamification designer knows how to use them effectively: 

    Learners will Discover: 

    • Different reward types 
    • Some of the most powerful Game Techniques;
    • How to use them, and adapt them to your design

    Week 4

    Saturday, 13th May 2023

    Sunday, 14th May 2023

    Week 4:

    Building A Gamification Strategy

    Besides being able to audit an experience, a gamification designer needs to have an effective process in place to optimise it or create new engaging experiences from scratch. This session brings together all the knowledge from the previous session, to make it highly implementable. Moreover, students will learn how to pitch their ideas effectively, without using jargon.
    Learners will Discover: 
    • Additional tools, to perfect Gamified experiences;
    • Gamification for monetization
    • The ethical dimension of Gamification design;
    • How to create ethics guidelines for their projects;
    • Successful examples of how to use Gamification for the betterment of society

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    Learning Paths Available

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    10 September -
    2 October 2022

    13 Aug - 4 Sep 2022

    Behaviour Design & Gamification 

    Massimo Ingegno​

    Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert​

    Samuel Salzer

    Behavioral Strategist & Author


    10 September -
    2 October 2022

    11 June - 2 Jul 2022​

    UX Psychology

    (User Engagement track)

    Massimo Ingegno​

    Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert​

    Apirak Panatkool

    Founder, UX Academy and UX Thailand


    10 September -
    2 October 2022


    Behavioural Product Management 

    (User Engagement track) 

    Massimo Ingegno​

    Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert​

    Choedpong Khannabha

    Managing Director at Frontier Innovation Co. Ltd., Former Product Director at Kaidee

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