6 modules

Design for Behaviour Change:
From Nudging to Habits

Online: Batch 7

13 Aug - 4 Sep 2022

Saturday & Sunday (10:00-13:00)
Deadline 8 August 2022

15,000 THB // ≈ 490 USD

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January 2023

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15,000 THB // ≈ 490 USD

Course Overview

In this exclusive course, you will learn the fundamentals of behavioral design and how you can begin to use it in creating user-centered interventions. Thought by a global expert in the field, you will be given the latest and most effective tools and insights from this exciting emerging field.   

This course offers an opportunity to, in a practical format, learn about how you can apply user psychology and behavioral economics. Among many insights, you will learn the scientific basis for human decision making, what motivates users to take action and what makes habits form. 


Habits make up a huge proportion of our daily lives and once formed, they become such second nature that breaking or changing them can be near impossible.I will share exclusive insights about the Habit Canvas, a tool to help you plan, implement, and track new habits, all on one page. I’m excited to share this with you all as it’s been a passion project of mine for a long time. Every component of the Habit Canvas is based on behavioural science research, and it’s now gone through several rounds of iterations and user testing.


This course provides a new lens to user experience and research by helping you learn how to use behavioral design for good and increase the value that you provide to your users/customers by better understanding them. 


Whatever good you want to accomplish in the world, in the end, you must understand how to change behavior. This is your chance to learn how and become an invaluable member of any team and to take your business to the next level. This is for anyone who wants to create products and services that change the world for the better.

At the end of the course,
participants will know:

  • The most important concepts and insights on decision making and motivation from psychology and behavioral science

  • Effective methods for understanding users, including creating Behavior Personas and completing a Behavior Journey Mapping
  • How to effectively increase the effectiveness of interventions (digital and non-digital) aimed at influencing peopleìs behaviour.

Lead Instructor



TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert

Massimo is a university instructor at the Design, Business & Technology Management (DBTM) international program at Thammasat Design School (TDS) and Thammasat Business School (TBS).  

He is an expert in the new fields of behavioral science and gamification, and its application in the design field. Massimo was also Head of Asia-Pacific at the Octalysis Group – one of the world’s leading Gamification agencies.

In addition to help companies and organisations create engaging experiences, Massimo is a regular speaker at design, marketing and innovation conferences and seminars across Asia, including the Bangkok Design Week 2018 (Thailand Creative & Design Center), the Design Management Institute (DMI), StarFlow, the Change Festival (Times of India) for Marketers, and Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 (RISE). 

He was recently appointed as a Director of Thammasat Design Center (TDC) the new flagship program that aims to build a new world-class Design School for professionals in Thailand.

Samuel ​


Behavioral Strategist & Author

Samuel Salzer is a leading behavioral strategist and habit expert, having worked with organizations across Europe, Australia, and North America. Among other things, he’s one of the world’s first Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO) in tech, and he specializes in applying insights from behavioral science and behavioral economics to build user-centered and habit-forming products and services.

At the forefront of the emerging field of Behavioral Design, Samuel is a frequent keynote speaker, curates the popular newsletter Habit Weekly, and has co-authored “Nudging in practice – Helping organizations make it easy to do the right thing.” The book offers a comprehensive guide to organizations interested in understanding and systematically utilizing behavioral insights.

Guest Instructor



Behavioural Science Lead at Grab

David ​


Founder of BCX Design and Finance Consultant



Co-Founder/Producer at Nudge Thailand



Co-Founder at Nudge Thailand

Past Guest Instructor



Senior Product Designer at General Motors, Author of Laws of UX



Author of Hooked: 
How to Build Habit-Forming 

Guest Instructor

a Certified Behaviour Designer

Fully Certified Program by
Thammasat University

TDC podcast : Behaviour Science

Who should attend


Who want to understand how to design products to make people happier, wealthier and healthier.


Who want to understand how to incorporate insights from the psychology of habits in their work and services.


Who want to maximise the chances policies and interventions effectively persuade and influence citizens’ behaviour.


Who want to learn how to integrate the latest behavioral insights into their products and services.

Why You’ll Love Learning Here


Interactive & intimate classes with direct feedback from instructors


Solve real-world problems that are directly applicable to your work


Taught by real professionals in the field & university academics


Make life-long connections with like-minded professionals


All workshops are either on weekends evening or weekday in central Bangkok

What our Learners Think

Module 1

Saturday, 13th August 2022

Sunday, 14th August 2022

Behavioural Science Foundation:
How does the human mind work?

  • Learn about human decision making: cognition, motivation, context factors
  • Introduction: behavioral economics and the most common cognitive biases
  • Learn the common mistakes in setting a behavioural design challenge


Massimo Ingegno

TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert​

Module 2

Sunday, 20th August 2022

Sunday, 21th August 2022

Designing for Behavior Change:
The Make it Toolkit

  • Get introduced to the Make it Behaviour Design toolkit 
  • Learn the most effective behavior change strategies
  • Learn nudging and how it differs from other approaches
  • Learn how to build a Behavioural Design Hypothesis 


Massimo Ingegno

TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert​

Module 3

Saturday, 27th August 2022

Sunday, 28th August 2022

User Research for Behavior Design

  • Learn how to create  Behavioural Archetypes
  • Learn Behavioral Journey Mapping
  • Special session: How Grab applies behavioural science, by Preeti. 


Massimo Ingegno

TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert​

Pretti Salzer

Behavioural Science Lead at Grab

Module 4

Saturday, 3rd September 2022

Sunday, 4th September 2022

Design for financial decision-making

  • Learn what stops people from sound saving and investment decisions
  • Learn how to nudge yourself and others to make better financial decisions


Massimo Ingegno

TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert​

Module 5

Designing Habits and Habit-forming products

  • Learn the secrets behind habit-forming products
  • Learn how to apply habit psychology to help create good habits
  • Special session: Create your own Habit Canvas, by Samuel


Massimo Ingegno

TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert​

Samuel Salzer

Behavioral Strategist & Author

Module 6

Health-tech: Design for Health

  • Learn how behavioural science can help us achieve health goals
  • Learn how to conduct an audit centred around behaviour 
  • Practice on how design features informed by behavioural science  


Massimo Ingegno

TDC Director and Behavior Design & Gamification expert​

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Putting theory into practice

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13 Aug - 4 Sep 2022

10 September -
2 October 2022

Behaviour Design & Gamification 

Samuel Salzer

Behavioral Strategist & Author

Massimo Ingegno​

Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert​


13 Aug - 4 Sep 2022

11 June - 2 Jul 2022​

 UX Psychology

(Digital Wellbeing track)

Massimo Ingegno​

Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert​

Apirak Panatkool

Founder, UX Academy and UX Thailand


13 Aug - 4 Sep 2022


Behavioural Product Management
(Digital Wellbeing track)

Massimo Ingegno​

Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert​

Choedpong Khannabha

Managing Director at Frontier Innovation Co. Ltd., Former Product Director at Kaidee

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