A regional leading design institution with the identity of innovation for society and environment


  1. To excel academically in the region, become the leading design institution of the ASEAN Community and maintain the rank in accordance with the national standards in the competitive environment.
  2. To be the leader in education, research and creative works with national awards obtained, publications widely cited and school journals recognized regionally and internationally
  3. To establish networking and academic cooperation amongst the international academia, business and government sectors which promote academic exchanges and learning
  4. To develop the proper supporting factors for 21st century learning in physical and technological aspects in order to drive the modern creative learning which obtains the international standards both inside and outside the classroom.

Key Strategies

Faculty of Architecture and PlanningThammasat University has implemented the strategies to reflect the value leading to changes and challenges to the world. This will lead to the main duty in education and research including three sections as follows

  1. Collaborative Design Process (Setting New Mainstream)

  2. Stimulate Creative Dialogue (Telling the World)

  3. Technology-Driven


Thammasat Design School aims to establish the FABS trait to all graduates:

  • Forward-Looking
  • All-Rounded   
  • Balance
  • Student-Centered

in order to be the valuable resources for developing the nation and society in the 21st century

THAMMASAT Design School

Shape Future Living