Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Thammasat University. It is another remarkable year for us, as this is the twentieth anniversary of our faculty. For the past twenty years, we have been in the leading position to offer a design education that drives academic development and research with professional curriculums in architecture and planning. After the recent re-branding as Thammasat Design School (TDS), the faculty’s focus has shifted away from a traditional professional industry-driven one to a broader design one to include the new role of urban design and design management. Undoubtedly, design has increasingly changed the paradigm of development of our world in various aspects, ranging from city’s vision to business’s strategy. Good design is one of the essential elements that can contribute to fostering social change, creating a new economy, and improving our environment. In the current creative setting, design is being seen as a powerful tool that is now becoming increasingly popular as a necessary factor not only for the design profession but also for every nature of organization. In our growth into the third decade, it is vital to broaden the design frontier in education and practice. It is undeniable that the development of innovation and sustainability with design thinking is an important core factor, but the impact of digital technological changes is another challenge. We also recognize that reconsidering our vision to become a leading educational institution that aims to provide new knowledge and new learning experience is no longer an option. Our mission is to prepare the next generation to drive innovative and sustainable solution for design-driven futures. Achieving this ambitious goal requires collaboration and participation from all members of the faculty, the alumni, as well as networks of industry and international partners, through strategic activity. The project highlights include 1) Establishing a Thammasat Design Center (TDC) to act as an opening for new areas of research and education that combines learning together with research to create learning within the public and private sectors, as a mechanism to support lifelong learning for everyone, both professional designers and general publics; 2) Developing a Double Degree program and International Activity together with creative and innovative partner universities and corporate partners in order to extend opportunities for students who want to gain international experience; 3) Creating XSpace as a learning platform and physical area to provide a new, modern, and environmental-friendly style that will push learning across disciplines; 4) Enhancing the organizational capability through a smart and lean working environment and system; 5) Developing networking so that alumni can participate with the faculty in transferring knowledge to create new innovative business opportunities. In an effort to continue this success, the Faculty of Architecture and Planning will keep moving forward steadily and be ready for new challenges in the next decade by considering innovation and collaboration as the foundation of curriculum development and learning processes, and developing the faculty as a creative and sustainable entity at Thammasat University, in the future.

Assistant Professor Asan Suwanarit Dean of Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University