" Why study architecture at Thammasat? "

The Bachelor of Science (Architecture) Program focuses on creating new architects that are full of talent and creativity; learning concepts and design skills through teaching systems to integrate the science and arts together. By learning the knowledge of the Arts in contemporary design combined with the knowledge of science management, the learning is designed in every step along with the systematic research and analysis to prepare the students for their career path in international architecture. The students will be able to adapt to future design directions and learn to respond to work as professionals in professional organizations and in society.

  • ISBEIntegrated Science of Built Environment
  • ARArchitecture
  • IAInterior Architecture
  • UPUrban Environmental Planning and Development
  • LNLandscape Architecture
  • RDArchitecture for Real Estate Development
  • UDDIUrban Design and Development
  • DBTMDesign, Business & Technology Management