2 modules

Workplace Revolution: Creating Inspiring and Motivating Workplaces

Batch 1

May 29 – June 5 2020

2 Weeks (Friday)

Status: Available

Course Overview

The future of the workplace is about the future of people. Gone are the days of employees trapped in isolated booths, heads down with little social interaction. For many businesses, gone still is the ubiquitous open-plan style that followed. Instead, office design has shifted towards flexible working, with spaces to suit different needs, such as co-working and collaboration, socialising and private research.

What’s driving trends in workplace design?
Several factors. In particular: 

  • Changing demographics, with new needs, aspirations and behaviors 
  • The increasing influence of technology 
  • Ongoing talent shortage
  • Data on how design impacts employees 
  • Financial factors

Business leaders often times miss the most important ingredient in designing workplaces that work: the human aspect.
Ultimately, Investing in good workplace design is investing in people. So, how can business leaders create office environments that make staff happier, better motivated and more productive? 

Why is workplace design more important than ever?
  We are facing a global engagement crisis. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace (2019),  worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work. In Thailand, while a low proportion of employees are actively disengaged, over 80% are not engaged with their work. This number stands out when compared with other countries in Southeast Asia. Many factors are leading to such a disengagement: social media and games are taking over our attention, and employees are looking for companies they can identify with, as well as workplaces that make them feel in control of their choices.  


At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • Challenges and trends in the modern workplaces;
  • The secrets behind successful workplaces that companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Google are adopting;
  • The right design process to shape successful workplace design strategies;
  • How to apply behavioural science and nudging to your workplace strategy; to influence people’s behaviour for the better.

Core Instructors



Co-Founder of Paperspace & Workplace design expert

Sombat is the co-founder of Papersapce, one of the leading and most forward-looking workplace design agencies in Southeast Asia, with offices in Bangkok, Singapore and Manila. 

Previously based in Singapore, he has been working professionally on corporate and commercial interior design business since 1999, where he worked with multinational corporate clients throughout Asia. Somabt has helped several companies create innovative workplaces, including Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Walt Disney. Besides his design work, Sombat is a regular speaker at design and business events, including Creative Talk 2020, Kokuyo Worksight 2020, Corporate Transformation 2019 and Design Nation 2019.



Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert

With a background in economics and spatial design, Massimo is a university instructor at the Design, Business & Technology Management (DBTM) international program at Thammasat Design School, Director of Thammasat Design Center (TDC) and  a behavioral design expert.

In addition to help companies and organisations create engaging products, experiences, and services through behavioral science, Massimo is a regular speaker at design and innovation conferences and seminars across Asia, including the Bangkok Design Week 2018 (Thailand Creative & Design Center), the Design Management Institute (DMI), StarFlow, the Change Festival (Times of India) and Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 (RISE). 

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Who should attend​

Business Leaders

who see their workplace as a competitive advantage.

HR managers

who want to understand how to create inspiring and engaging offices for their employees

Interior designers

who want to integrate business strategy and insights from psychology into their work

Course Details

  • 13 – 20 March 2020 (Every Friday)
  • 9:30 – 16:30 for 2 weeks
  • True Space Centerpoint of Siam Square at BTS Siam

Why You’ll Love Learning Here​


Interactive & intimate classes with direct feedback from instructors


Solve real-world problems that are directly applicable to your work


Taught by real professionals in the field & university academics


Make life-long connections with like-minded professionals


All workshops are either on weekends evening or weekday in central Bangkok

Module 1

Batch 1 (Fri) : 29 May 2020

Workplace Design: Creativity meets Business Strategy

Crafting 20 years of experience in Workplace Design into one intense 1-day session, starting from defining company’s culture and identity, what to consider during the design process, how to generate concept designs from scratch, and understanding how design can transform company culture and identity into a physical workplace.

By adopting a “Designer at the Table” learning experience, each team will be assigned at least 1 interior designer from Paperspace. Interior designers will support learners to visualise their ideas alongside the entire design process.

Learners will discover:

  • The foundations of workplace design: history, typologies and space planning;
  • How to find  your company culture & identity and translate it into your workplace;
  • Case study from international organizations, ex. Google, Facebook and Airbnb;


Sombat Ngamchalermsak

Co-Founder of Paperspace & Workplace design expert

Module 2

Batch 1 (Fri) : 5 June 2020

Workplace Strategy: Behavioural Science meets Workplace Design

To win customers, companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees.  Business leaders and HR managers have traditionally focused on economic incentives and overlooked more powerful strategies to influence their employees’ behaviour and retain talents. Recent advances in behavioral science and nudge theory have offered insights and best practices to create more inspiring and persuasive workplaces. 

By adopting a “Designer at the Table” learning experience, each team will be assigned at least 1 interior designer from Paperspace. Interior designers will support learners to visualise their ideas alongside the entire design process. 


Learners will discover:

  • How our minds work and the different ways people make decisions;
  • Some of the fundamental cognitive biases that make people make irrational choices;
  • Insights from positive and motivational psychology;
  • Best practices, and a process to design workplaces that move and inspire people to live and work better. 


Massimo Ingegno

Director of TDC, Gamification and Behaviour Design expert

Putting theory into practice

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