4 modules

User Experience (UX) Design:
Design Solutions for Your Users

Onsite: Batch 7

2,9,23,30 Apirl 2023

4 Weeks (Sunday)
Apply before 31 March 2023

30,000 THB

Course Overview

The professional 4-week UX/UI program will start with understanding UX requirements – what is needed for a product or service to be successful. Capturing UX requirements takes a lot of research, a thorough understanding of what sort of project you’re embarking on, and a handful of patience. Creating elegant solutions requires understanding how to conduct both Users Interviews –  to understand users’ actual “pain points” – and  Stakeholder Interviews – to understand the core business objectives and other strategic aspects. 

After that, UX designers need to gather in-depth information from the team and visualize the larger and smaller picture, with the support or strategic tools: Personas, Empathy Mapping, User Journey, Experience Map, Service Design Blueprint or Sprint Map. Developing empathy will help define the real problems before starting looking for potential solutions.

Finding solutions is a fun path! 

The workshops will help participants explore possibilities with many hands-on creative methods and generate user-friendly Interfaces based on the principles of good User Interface (UI) design, as well as learn how to run usability tests to see where they encounter problems and experience confusion.

Finally, the  Lean and  Agile Software development methodologies  will help participants make sure that the software being built  is not simply user-friendly, but a product that people will love. 

Along the way, participants’ will keep track of their UX/UI journey by building a professional portfolio – the entry ticket to the UX professional world! 

At the end of the course, participants will know:

The workshop will give you:

  • How to gain valuable insights with UX Research (both User Interview, Stakeholder Interview);
  • How to visualize research insights  with Personas and User Journey;
  • How to create prototypes with the collaborative vector graphics editor and prototyping tool Figma;
  • How to run Usability Testing sessions to improve user interaction;
  • How to be a good UX team player within an Agile team

Core Instructors



UX Coach at ODDS, Co-Founder at UX Academy

Apirak currently works as a UX Coach at ODDS. Previously he was the Evangelist at Omise Payment Gateway and UX Coach at Ascend Group (Truemoney, itruemart, weloveshopping). He is a big believer that great user experience comes from everyone working as part of a team, not only from designers. Apirak is also the co-founder of UX Thailand, one of the biggest Facebook UX communities in Thailand. He is also the co-founder of UX Academy. Apirak loves to see people with different talents working together, and thinks user experience is the key that makes it happen.

Who should attend​

Tech Product Managers

who want to differentiate their products.

Marketing Managers

who want to change the way the value of their products and offerings is communicated.

UX/UI and Service Designers

who want to learn how to craft experiences that engage their audiences.

HR Managers

who want to learn how to engage their employees with gameful experiences.

Why You’ll Love Learning Here​


Interactive & intimate classes with direct feedback from instructors


Solve real-world problems that are directly applicable to your work


Taught by real professionals in the field & university academics


Make life-long connections with like-minded professionals


All workshops are either on weekends evening or weekday in central Bangkok

What our Learners Think

Module 1

Sunday, 2nd April 2023

The Problem Space

Defining problems is the most critical step in the design process. We will find how to determine the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand with Product Market Fit and learn the value of leaving the Problem Space and connect it to the solutions.

Learners will gain practical tips and experience on how to conduct User and Stakeholder Interview to build empathy and select their project.

Learners will discover:

  • The importance of Product Market Fit
  • How to conduct User Interviews
  • How to conduct Stakeholder Interview
  • How to build effective Personas
  • How to set a “How Might We” question that leads to great solutions


Apirak Panatkool

UX Coach at ODDS, Co-Founder at UX Academy

Module 2

Sunday, 9th April 2023

The Solution Space

Searching for the solution is an intense but fun  process.. Participants will learn how to generate new ideas as a team and how to provide design critique to identify improvements. Mapping the User Journey and creating Fast Prototypes will follow. 

The session concludes with a conversation about the responsibility of UX in Lean and UX in Agile Process to understand how to work in software development environments in real life.

​​Learners will discover: 

  • How to come up with great ideas, and refine them 
  • How to map the User Journey
  • How to create fast prototypes
  • What is “Lean”


Apirak Panatkool

UX Coach at ODDS, Co-Founder at UX Academy

Module 3

Sunday, 23rd April 2023

User Interface (UI) Design

This session we will start from user journey to UI Design Step by Step. Participants will learn how to critique & defend their own design by logical thinking. Using The UI Design Principle, Platform Guideline, Information Architecture to support your decision. Also we will critique many UI case studies for deep understanding.

​​Learners will discover: 

  • The Logic behind design instinct
  • How to use design principle to defend your design decision 
  • How to design UI with information architecture
  • How to critique UI design.


Apirak Panatkool

UX Coach at ODDS, Co-Founder at UX Academy

Module 4

Sunday, 30th April 2023

Interaction Design

The last session we will use UI Tools to create an Interaction prototype.  Start from Low fidelity wireframe tool (Google Slide) for sharing common understanding and working site by site with Business and Developer. Next participant will practice the high fidelity UI Design tools (Figma) to create designs that are ready to change to prevent design debt in the future.

​Learners will discover: 

  • How to speedup wireframe with corroboration tools
  • How to speedup UI Design with Figma
  • How to prevent Design Debt
  • How to manage design systems in enterprises


Apirak Panatkool

UX Coach at ODDS, Co-Founder at UX Academy

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2,9,23,30 April 2023

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2,9,23,30 April 2023


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Apirak Panatkool

Founder, UX Academy and UX Thailand

Choedpong Khannabha

Managing Director at Frontier Innovation Co. Ltd., Former Product Director at Kaidee

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