Academic Collaboration

Faculty of Architecture and PlanningThammasat University recognises that professional work in the 21st century is more complex and more integrated than what it was. Hence, it is necessary for students to possess skills and knowledge in finance and business, critical thinking and problem solving, the use of technology, flexibility to adapt, ability to communicate and corporate.

Thus, the Faculty has set the academic direction by constructing the design collaboration for marketable skills in the 21st century. Aiming to establish professional graduates who can integrate knowledges to design the innovation in response to 21st century changes and challenges, the Faculty has proposed the following strategies.
  • Collaboration with foreign institutions

The faculty provides Summer Workshop to students in all majors to create the design experiences and exchange knowledge between lecturers and foreign

  • Collaboration with organisations

The faculty acknowledges the necessity of the design to foster the innovation which will pave the way for the collaboration in business sector. Design Future Lab encourages students from various majors to cooperate in order to exchange the knowledge of designing/innovating to respond to and handle the global changes.

Moreover, the Faculty has also initiated the collaborative exchange of knowledge with various organisations for students to obtain valuable experiences from working with leading companies. The course Architectural Entrepreneurship provides the knowledge of planning and designing the design business to involve with the globalisation.

  • Collaboration within school

The school acknowledges the vitality of introducing interdisciplinary knowledge into problem solving and design. More elective courses are added to the curriculum. Furthermore, students could select minor in Thammasat Business School and Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University. Students could integrate knowledge to support design works and innovation to cope with changes and Challenges in the 21st Century.

Over previous years, the school has run various projects such as workshops, urban planning training, exchange program, English Language & Cultural Program, Summer Field Trip, special lecture, internship and active learning project. The school partners with 8 universities, both Thai and international, 5 business organisations and 5 government organisations including Sansiri Public Co., Ltd. Northumbria University, UK and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.