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For over twenty years, the Thammasat's Faculty of Architecture and Planning has been in the leading position to offer a design education that drives academic development and research with professional curriculums in architecture and planning. After the recent re-branding as Thammasat Design School (TDS), the faculty's focus has shifted away from a traditional professional industry-driven one to a broader design one to include the new role of urban design and design management. Undoubtedly, design has increasingly changed the paradigm of development of our world in various aspects, ranging from the city's vision to business's strategy. Good design is one of the essential elements that can contribute to fostering social change, creating a new economy, and improving our environment. In the current creative setting, design is being seen as a powerful tool that is now becoming increasingly popular as a necessary factor not only for the design profession but also for every nature of organization.

In our growth into the third decade, it is vital to broaden the design frontier in education and practice. It is undeniable that the development of innovation and sustainability with design thinking is an important core factor, but the impact of digital technological changes is another challenge. We also recognize that reconsidering our vision to become a leading educational institution that aims to provide new knowledge and new learning experience is no longer an option. Our mission is to prepare the next generation to inspire innovative and sustainable solutions for design-driven futures.

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Thammasat Design School is located in Rangsit Center, the second and largest campus of Thammasat University. The center is located in Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province, approximately 40 km north of Bangkok. The total land area is around 2.8 sq.km. and is divided into four main zones; academic zone (social science, science and technology, and health science), housing areas, sport facilities, and commercial areas. It is surrounded by peri-urban residential areas, commercial areas, industrial estate, and agricultural land. As part of its Master Plan and Strategic Plan, Rangsit Center, also has the goal of becoming a best Sustainable and Smart City.

Since 2009, the building of the faculty has been a housing of academic zones such as active classrooms, design studios, the faculty research units, as well as the innovative facilities for students. The recent facility upgrades includes XSpace - a 24-hours co-learning space, Design Future Lab (DFL) - a design incubating space, Digital Media Space (DMS) - an experimental space that is equipped with 360-degree seamless screen and ten projectors that allow for all forms of paperless presentations and new learning experiences, Creative Lab for Innovative/ Conceptual Knowledge (CLICK!) - an experimental space for cutting-edge digital technologies and equipment including laser cutting, 3D printing, and augmented/virtual reality tools.


The global student exchange program is an opportunity for students to experience studying abroad, outside of their habitual and cultural context. It aims to develop students’ understanding and good will while strengthening cultural ties. It can takes place from the second year of the Bachelor’s program and from the second semester of the Master's program for out-bound Thai students.


International students visiting Thailand can participate in our English and International programs and study a large variety of subjects offered by Thammasat University as a free elective course. Our course are active learning, focusing on experimentation and development of design idea and innovation. The faculty is located at Thammasat Rangsit Center in Pathum Thani (45 minutes to the Bangkok's city center).

Check whether Thammasat University or Thammasat Design School is partnered with your home university. If it isn’t, you can apply as a Study Abroad Student which means you will need to pay a tuition fee.

To find more detail regarding student exchange program or scholarship opportunity, please contact tds_inter@ap.tu.ac.th or visit;